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How To Declutter Your Life

At some point in life we all become overwhelmed, whether it’s at work or in our personal lives there are ways to declutter. Decluttering is a great way to bring positive change your mental well being, even starting with the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.


Declutter Your To Do List

Having too many items in your to do list can cause you to not do anything at all! This is because, the thought of doing all of the tasks can drain your energy especially if you do not know which task to start first.

To have a good chance at completing your to do list, number them but priority and set yourself realistic deadlines.

You can read more about completing tasks in one of my other articles How To Complete Your To Do List


Declutter Your Bag

Having a cluttered bag can mean you have a fear leaving something behind. I’m sure we have all be in the position where you’re looking for something in your bag, digging around, but just can’t seem to find it!

Carrying less is the way forward, or at least sorting out your bag in way where you can easily find what you need.

Take your handbag and tip everything into a tray, get rid of everything you possibly can and then sort the contents into sections, for example, makeup and stationery. Once in sections you can then start to put them into different coloured or sized pouches, it will save you loads of time in long run and make it easier when you need to change your bag.


Declutter Your Headspace

It’s a very confusing time right now, with #lifegoals for 2020 gone up in flames! I’m certain you have many conflicting thoughts and plans that have had to be changed or postponed because of these uncertain times.

To successfully declutter your mind, don’t think about what could have been or the ideal situation, but instead think about what is best for you. Write down your passions and motivations and work towards building those things.


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