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How To Stay Organised At Work

It is no secret that being organised at work has many benefits. Loraine Murphy share's detailed tips in her book Get Remarkably Organised. Being organised will keep you on top of your work load, others in the work place will notice your great organisation skills, it will show when responding to others, it will even have a positive effect on other aspects in your life. Using stationary is great way to help with this.


Clear The Clutter.

Keeping piles of paper on your desk may seem like a great idea at the time, but guess what, it begins to build up and soon you’ll start losing papers and won’t know where to look.

A great way of getting rid of clutter is raiding the stationary cupboard for folders. Begin you can either have one folder with dividers for each section of your work or separate folders for each depending on how large the projects are.

Have fun whilst creating the folders but using specific colours and creating exciting title pages for each project (if you are planning to be creative, it might be best to make the files during your lunch break when you have bit of extra time).


Make Notes On Everything.

Whether you have a meeting, a skype call or simply brain storming with a colleague always have your pen and note pad handy. Make notes, and then go through them to pick out the important parts.

If a task arises from your notes, transfer them to your diary.

Staying Organised At Work


Keep A Diary.

Keeping a diary is a great way to keep on top of deadlines, it also helps to monitor how productive you’ve been throughout that day. Set your diary up for the week with all of the tasks you need to complete.

Mark as complete as you go along and add to the list as tasks come up throughout the day.


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