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How To Stay Organised At Home

Being organised at home is a joy to you and those you live with. You’ll feel fresher, less clustered and be able to find things when you need them without turning the place upside down. It will give you a peace of mind and you’ll be glad you got it together when you did.


Source The Cause.

Figure out what’s causing the disorganisation, is it the lack of storage space, not putting items away as you when you’ve finished with them or maybe not just not having enough time to sort it out yourself?

Once you know what the source of your problem is, you can then start to work on making it right.


Deal With The Problem.

Lack of storage space - work on throwing out the old items you do not need or use. This way you can make space for the items you do use regularly and any new items you have.

Not putting things away when your finished – try to have more discipline when completing your tasks, it might be hard at first but you’ll thank yourself in the long term, it’s a great habit to have! Also work on have dedicated areas for each of your belongings.

Not enough time – that is just an excuse, this goes back to having self-discipline and making sure you put things away when you are finished. You should also work on your time management skills, don’t forget to add I time for setting up and clearing away when doing a task keeping a journal or planner could help with this.


Following Up With Your Progress.

Probably best to track your progress in a notebook or journal and make sure your sticking to your plan, it’s also a great way to see if there is anything you can improve.


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