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Managing Your Workload

When things are busy at work or home and you feel like you just can’t cope with everything that is going on right now. Step back from the situation, take a minute or two to get yourself back together re-evaluate your situation and what needs to get done.


Re-evaluate Your Tasks.

What you think is a lot of work, can easily be put into perspective when you write a list of the tasks you need to do in a notebook. When the list is complete it’s best to divide the list into segments or even add in steps that you know need to be do be done before the task is complete.

Don’t forget to give yourself deadlines so you can pace yourself and finish tasks on time.


Ask For Help.

If you cannot finish your tasks on time or need a little support to get through your work load. Asking for help is better than stressing about not getting things done on time - just remember to brief the tasks with as much details as you can. It will make the task easier for them and you will be able to focus on the projects you need to complete


If For Some Reason You Cannot Complete Your Work To The Deadline.

Let the receiver know and give a revised date. This is not ideal as deadlines are usually set for a reason, But letting them know will make you look more professional rather than the receiver having to chase you for it.


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