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The Importance Of Time Management

Time management is crucial in a world where everything is moving so fast. Sticking to deadlines and remembering appointments can be tough if you have to memorise them all!

A great way to take all that pressure off is organising your planner so you can manage your time efficiently.


Make Note Of All Deadlines.

Do you have monthly or quarterly deadlines? Whether it is a report, an essay or bill use your personal stationery to fill in your journal with all of the actual deadlines and always create a personal deadline for yourself too. Do not forget to put in your starting dates too! This will let you know when you need to start working on that particular task.


Keep All Appointments In One Place.

It may be tempting to use any planner or notebook you can see at the time, but it is best to keep all of your appointments and deadlines in one place.

Scattering them into several different notebooks, will make it hard to keep track of what needs to be completed and create more work for you when you need plan future events or tasks.


Do Your Research,

If you have an appointment or meeting in an unknown place or you are traveling to a new place make sure you get all of the details. Do your research prior to the event, know your travel routes if you are planning to take public transport, if you are driving have you considered the traffic, any toll routes and most importantly will there be parking? Arriving late will not be a good look.

The Importance of Tim Managemnet by DwyerCM
The Importance of Time Managment


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