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The Perfect Facial Cleansing Tools

Looking after yourself is equally as important as planning your next project! Having great skin is one of the ways others can see how you show yourself some love and needed attention.

Using the right cleansing tools to accompany your face wash or cleanser is crucial.

I’m going to take you through some of the best tools I use and have used that leave my face smoother clearer and feeling fresh after use. They can even be great gifts for a family and friends.

Facial Pore Cleanser

This electronic device is small and compact, perfect to fit in your wash bag and not take up too much space. It has a USB changer, so no need to buy batteries, and its easy to clean when you’ve finished using it.

This device leaves the skin on face feeling velvety soft and visibly clearer after. The pulsing gives your face a gentle massage to promote healthy skin and a healthy glow.



Wooden Face Cleansing Brush

This natural wooden facial cleaning brush is one of my favourites, the bristles are very soft so I don’t feel like its damaging my face,

Just make sure you have a facial cleanser that really foams up so your getting a good cleanse.



Silicone Face Scrubbers Exfoliator Brush-Facial

This brush, is easy to use and clean, its great for everyday use and comes in a pack of three! I keep one in my travel bag, one in the bathroom and the other as a backup.



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