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Three Top Tips For Planning Downtime

Planning using personal stationery can be joyous and give such a buzz when you see all the exciting tasks that need to be completed for the day or the week. To be honest the real thrill of keeping a planner is seeing how much you have accomplished and how productive you’ve been with your time.

Although when your busy completing your tasks and getting closer to your goals it can be difficult to make time for yourself.


Make Time For Friends And Family.

They are the people who are closest too you - they care about your wellbeing, and what is happening in your life. Sending quality time with them will give you some perspective and help you to stay focused. I don’t know about you, but after spending time with my loved ones it makes me work even harder.


Make Time For Yourself

As a reward for all of the planning and hard work you’ve been doing throughout the week. Is there a movie you’ve been planning to watch? Maybe you’ve had your eye on a dress and it’s time to make that purchase!

Other ways which can help as a treat are reading a good book, getting your nails done, or even have a go a baking - the end results are super satisfying!

Planning for Downtime


Put It In Your Planner.

So you do not forget. Its all great planning to dedicate yourself some well-deserved downtime, but it will only be an idea or thought if you do not make time for it and make it happen.

As a final rule, make sure you use your personal stationery by adding in some slots for your downtime activities.


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